All the art displayed on this website was made by a real human being.

Things I've been doing lately:


I made a new song - you can listen it here.

I started this YouTube channel.

I'm making some comic pages, illustrations and music there. "Please like, subscribe, and ring the bell..."

Instagram posts:

Sam Fonseca has been drawing comics since he discovered that the anime he watched on TV as a child came from manga - and that it was possible to create all that stuff by himself using paper and pencil (still the tools of choice).

Nowadays, he alternates duties between art direction, storyboard art, script writing for animation and TV projects, and creating comics.

His comic project Age of Rust was nominated three times for the HQMix Prize, and his other title, Dynamite & Laser Beam, won in the “best webcomic” category.

Sam also has the strange hobby of creating soundtracks for his comics.